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WBR-6002 gains Award of "Editor Choice" from Magazine E-Zone

LevelOne WBR-6002 has gained Award of "Editor Choice" from Magazine E-Zone Hong Kong issued in December 2010.
Multiple SSID is one of the most essential features from LevelOne WBR-6002, 150Mbps N Wireless Router, which allows users to simply activate up to two sets of SSID in one entire router. With the built-in Quality of Service (QoS) engine allows users to choose which applications receive priority for customized traffic control.
WBR-6002 features a Wireless On/Off push button so user can turn off the wirless when its not needed. Not only that, the wireless can also be scheduled on and off automatically via the easy-to-use web interface. WPA/ WPA2 encryption offers ideal protection against unwanted packet sniffing. WBR-6002 also comes with 812.1 x RADIUS support for advanced network configuration. Lastly, guest wireless network allows user to enable a separate and isolated wireless network for guests. They will be unable to see or connect to the computers on the main network to bring added security.

From editor's perspective and evaluation, LevelOne WBR-6002 is outstanding and remarkable among the six competing manufacturers from six ultimate testing.
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