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"CHIP Outstanding Award" promulgated LevelOne GNS-2000
Regarding to the report, Chen (Chen. N, 2010 )explains the LevelOne GNS-2000 is different as other consumer NAS. It is a 2-Bay Storage which enables users to install their own hard drives easily. That is to say, users are capable to make use of the older hard drives which had been lying around in the house. Neverthless, if user has ever planning to use it as a server for backup, probably  a new one would be considered better. These are something that general "branded" NAS cannot do but LevelOne GNS-2000.

Specifically, GNS-2000 has two hard drive bays for two 3.5 inch SATA drives. It primarily supports up to SATA2, which makes sense, since SATA3 drives are still quite rare. The Gigabit Ethernet based NAS is capable of RAID-ing user's drives as well, simply there are choices of a stripped (RAID0) or mirror (RAID1). Users solely need two identical drives for this.

In fact, there are two USB2.0 ports on the GNS-2000 which allow users to connect any external storage onto the NAS, either for expanding the capacity or sharing onto the NAS. Moreover, a printer can also be plugged into the USB port, which transformed GNS-2000 a printer a server as well.

Users can also configure the GNS-2000 to host their own FTP server. Even though users are not professtional or experienced, they still can be delighted to know that the NAS supports downloading from HTTP, FTP and even Bit Torrent hosted elsewhere. In addition, it is extremely simple for installation, as CHIP had their own installed with two 160GN drives in RAID1 configurations. Easy install the drives and plug it into the existing network, log on to the web interface, choose RAID1 and it is done and ready within approximately 15 minutes. LevelOne has provided the bundled CD with wizard to guide users through the clear process of entire instruction.

Chen also emphasizes: "The LevelOne GNS-2000 2-Bay Network Storage is great for small and home offices. It eliminates easy to set up as well!" (Chen. N, 2010)
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