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LevelOne WBR-6011 obtains "Silver Award" from local HWM Magazine Malaysia

According to the testing report, Cheong describes firstly about  the WBR-6002 was already tested in their May issue. Continuously, the bigger brother of the WBR-6002, the WBR-6011 N_Max Wireless Router, was also tested in August issue, and undoubtfully, the result was surprising.

Obviously, there is no big difference on the surface between the WBR-6011 and the WBR-6002. As the WBR-6011 maintains the general typical metallic looks with the six alike LED indicators and WPS and Wi-Fi signal button on the front panel as well as one WAN port and four LAN ports on the rear. Secondly, the WBR-6011 is user-friendly by just plugging it in and powering it up to start up without any driver installation. if users intend to configure the router more, the Web user-interface is easy to use and understand which enables users to tweak the router and its core context.

It could be said that the WBR-6011 is one of LevelOne's best routers and emphatically lives up to expectations. Although it may not be able to compete with the more renowned brands, it unsurprisingly accomplishes its job excellently as a fundamental level wireless router.

HWM particularly explains on their review sample which also came with LevelOne's 300Mbps N_Max Wireless USB Adaptor WUA-0605 and strongly recommend the adaptor to those who initially want to surf the Web with stable connections. Nevertheless, for those constantly transfer files, using wireless router's speed would be good enough. Despite the common fact, the WBR-6011 also supports dual SSID and easy setup for directing users to configure it through the configuration UI.

The improvements LevelOne has made with the WBR-6011 are evidentially showed. As a consequence,  the WBR-6011 is ideally recommended for home users who are just looking for an easy way for web surfing without doing too much configuration.





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