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WBR-6600 wins "CHIP Recommended Award" from CHIP Magazine Malaysia

The LevelOne WBR-6600 300Mbps N_Max Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router has proudly won the CHIP Recommended Award issued in September 2010 CHIP Magazine Malaysia.

According to the article, Lee explains that  the LevelOne WBR-6600 Wireless Modem Router is very similar to the WBR-6601 which had already been awarded in July. In fact, WBR-6600 functionates technically higher than WBR-6601, and neverthless, had a great difference. Undeniably the WBR-6600 retains the black finish of WBR-6601 without the trendy colour of yellow, but sill looks professionally compactable. 

The WBR-6600 performs astonishingly to deserve this award. Compared to other routers in general, there are more developed and extra useful features applied within. In particular, the 300Mbps transfer rate and the fascinating performance in throughput test along with other extra useful features. The WBR-6600 works even better when paired with a LeveOne 300Mbps USB dongle (WUA-0616). The extra features of WBR-6600 are notably functional as well. ADSL modem to work only as a broadband router. However, it now has a WPS button, wich activates Wi-Fi security at a simple touch.

CHIP had summed up "the WBR-6600 one-ups its sibling with better performance and new features. With that, we will consider it a wholehearted recommendation to anyone looking for routers". (Lee, 2010).



Every award LevelOne had gained is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and beneficial products to satisfy our customers.


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