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WBR-6003 wins the Best Price Award 04/2010 from PC Pr@xis Magazine, Germany
PC Pr@xis Magazine in Germany awarded LevelOne WBR-6003 150Mbps N Wireless Router for its best price, high data rate and flexible antenna deployment.
PC Pr@xis tested 150Mbps Wireless Routers from various vendors. "LevelOne’s WBR-6003 is our price tip of 150Mbps devices. In terms of speed the router scores mainly in the floor-crossing transmission, with high data rates up to 39.31Mbps. If you want to transmit over great distances, the antenna offers a RSMA-connector to be interchangeable with a more powerful antenna from the accessories market.", the editor said. 

The WBR-6003 gains a good score in price/performance and quality.

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